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It is my hope that the work of this ministry will help and edify the body of Messiah. I am passionate about discipleship and seeing believers grow in their faith and understanding. My heart is to see the family of faith function with unity and dwell in community, thus fulfilling the prayer of Christ Yeshua, in John 17.

My journey goes back 25 years. I have been in pastoral and worship ministry for all of them. It has not always been easy throughout the years; I would say most ministers would agree in some way to that. Juggling family, work, and ministry demands, can bring on the pressure of course. Moving forward and growing in faith throughout the years, continues to prove that believing in the YHWH as my ultimate and absolute source and supply, my protection and shield, is the only way.

Scripture tells us that God’s people lack no good thing and that we are given the power to make wealth. This however, is not for personal gain but to sow inot the Kingdom of God

This next phase of my journey will see, finally, the production of a long-awaited project. New music and sounds of worship have been developing in the creative womb, and are now beginning to be birthed for a new and exciting time. I am now dedicating this time of my life and ministry to its birth. God has blessed me over the years by allowing me to work on music projects with some great musicians and brothers, all extremely accomplished in their own musical fields. Our combined work produced the album, ‘The Mountain of the King’. Please go to my music page to hear some of the songs.

The production of worship in song and in service, and the teaching of God’s word is the essence of the ministry I have been given. It is all for His Glory.

We need to build a brand new media studio so that we can encourage and equip others to use their creative gifting and to produce a platform for face-to-face teaching across the world. In addition to the music project, this site includes my new pastoral messages, ‘Ramblings with God’, which I hope will challenge and encourage you.

It may sound like a big task, but all things are possible when we are in partnership with the Lord.

After many years in secular work, this ministry now demands my utmost attention and dedication. I now work full-time in ministry and live by faith. I look forward to how the Lord will have my work for Him play used. Maybe you will join me in the journey.

I pray you have been blessed by my writings, and hope you might consider supporting me in helping this work to reach out into the family of Christ.

Blessings and shalom,


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