Album Cover: Mountain of the King


This project was produced over a number of years, when I was able to find the time to get into the studio with friends. I have been blessed to have working with me great musicians who have helped to produce the album.

In this new period of my life, I find that I will have to rely on God, now, more than ever. Calls to record more songs, have encouraged me to stand in faith, and believe that God will make all of it possible. Part of this new work will entail the building of a dedicated studio for recording songs, and broadcasting our weekly teachings for discipleship and evangelism. As the new projects evolve, it is my hope that other minstrels of the Lord will join me in producing a new and amazing sound for the glory of God alone.

As you listen to the words and rhythms of the songs from this first album, I pray that you will be blessed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. I also pray, that this new project of songs won’t take as long and that in the not so distant future, will be on their way to you.

You will also have the links to the songs on my YouTube channel.

If you are blessed by the songs from ‘The Mountain of the King’ and would like to help in building the studio and create the new album, you will be able to donate and support by going to my support page.

Please feel free to share the songs and help to promote this site with your friends.

Many Blessings


Songs from the “The Mountain of the King’, by Grant Marshall Song of Ruth Hosanna Let The Bride Say Come If my People Emmanuel HalleluYah Make Believe Broken Arrow